Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacation 2009

Last Sunday we left early and I mean really early....4:30 am to be exact...headed to Madeira Beach, FL. I was a little apprehensive about traveling with a 2 year old like I always am , but he had his movies and snacks and he was great the entire trip! He woke up when we put him in the car, but fell asleep an hour later and slept until we stopped for breakfast around 7:30.

We arrived Sunday just after 12:00 and we decided that we would walk Braden out to the beach, then hit the pool and come back in to get ready for an early dinner. Our routine for the week was pretty much the same: On the beach by 11:00, lunch back at the condo around 12:15-12:30, back at the pool by 1:00 and Brad would bring Braden up for his nap around 2:15-2:30 and I would stay out for another hour, get ready for dinner, eat out, rest for the evening. It was such a nice relaxing week!

A few highlights from the week:
- We took Braden to Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa on Tuesday. It was awesome! That will be another post.
- My good friend Emily and her boyfriend, Joe, met us at the zoo on Tuesday and hung out with us at the condo for the day.
-On Wednesday, Brad got stung by a stingray in the ocean and was in some serious pain for about 5 hours.

Braden had a great time. His new thing is telling us his favorites. A couple of times during the week he would say, "Beach is my favorite momma", "I love the ocean", etc. And of course everything we did was "This is so much fun". It was well worth the long drive to see him get so excited about playing in the ocean. He referred to the condo as our "White House" while we were there and on the way home he said he wanted to stay at the white house and not back to the brown house (our house)! We felt the same way!

We did our traditional beach pictures on Thursday night...we had to bribe Braden with candy to get his picture taken...and the wind was blowing my hair everywhere, so I wasn't super impressed with our pics this year. Oh, I also got burned our 2nd day there....yes me who NEVER burns. I actually did all week. I think it has something to do with the prenatal vitamins I'm on, b/c I even wore 15 SPF and usually I only wear 6 SPF. I know that is bad and I don't need a lecture!

We did bring home a ton of fresh seafood that we cooked for my parents, brother and his girlfriend on Sunday. Until next year...

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