Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Imagine It!

Today Brad and I took Braden to Imagine It!, the children's museum in downtown Atlanta. It was awesome and Braden had SO much fun! Brad and I had a great time also. Braden took off as soon as we got there. We are really beginning to realize how much of a big boy he is now. He is so independent and such a go getter. He just took off and started playing.

The museum is set up into "centers" and the current "theme" is Bob the Builder. They have a water center, moon sand and art center, simple machine center, dramatic play (dress up and housekeeping), a complete center that shows growing vegetable all the way to delivering them to the grocery store, and then a huge Bob the Builder center. Bob the Builder is also worked into most of the other centers. Braden's favorite activity was playing on the delivery truck that looked like a giant van. Braden kept calling it a bus (which is his favorite vehicle). Every time we would move to anew center he somehow "found" his way back to the "bus". He was actually sitting in the driver seat when it was time for us to leave. Of course when we told him we needed to go bye-bye he said in his very sweet Braden voice, "no....oh". I told him to blow the bus a kiss and the whole way out of the museum he kept blowing kisses saying "mmmmmwwwww" (what he says when he blows a kiss). It was so cute.

We had such a great time and we are definitely going to take Braden back soon. I just wish that we lived closer.

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~Michelle~ said...

sooo sweet. I can't wait till we can take Killian places and do things like that :)