Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am a planner. I cannot help it. It is ingrained deep within me. I like to make a plan for everything and I like for it to be executed. If you are making plans with me don't tell me you will be at my house sometime in the afternoon....tell me the exact time and then stick to it as closely as possible. I cannot help it this is just the way I am. My favorite part of being a planner is that I love to plan for holidays, birthdays, etc. For example I knew that Braden was going to have a John Deere birthday party for his 1st birthday before he was 3 months old. This gave me plenty of time to research and come up with my idea of a great 1st birthday party. I am already trying to plan our Christmas Eve menu with my mom, but she just wants to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first. I can't help it. I am a planner.
The one thing I have not been able to plan out and it bugs the crap out of me is that I can never decide on Braden's Halloween costume ( I didn't decide on his pirate outfit last year until 2 weeks before and I just saw it and knew that he would be so precious). I never put things off until the last minute, especially something as exciting as dressing him up, but I just couldn't decide on costumes. I didn't want him to be an animal (it seems too babyish now) and I don't like the character costumes ( he'll want to wear that stuff soon enough). First I wanted him to be a UPS guy, but the costume was too big and really not that impressive. Then I wanted him to be a golfer, complete with golf clubs. Once again I wasn't really into it. I was even as desperate as to suggest a baby pimp outfit ( I know it sounds horrible but the costume was HILARIOUS). Brad and my mom thought that I was nuts and they were both ready to kill me if I ordered that costume. I finally found a cute Fisher man costume, but i just never could commit. Over Fall Break my parents went to Cherokee, NC and they brought Braden back a drum, tomahawk, stick horse and Indian headdress. I didn't really think anything about it until Saturday night when he started beating his drum and I put the headdress on him and he started running around in circles yelling and beating the drum. He was so cute and at that moment I knew that he had to be an Indian. I ordered the costume and it is on it's way! I can't wait to post my Halloween pictures of my adorable little Indian! Here is a sneak peak and waht gave me the idea!

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