Sunday, September 7, 2008

Never Leave a Toddler Unattended for Even a Second!

Well I thought that Brad and I were both smart enough to know that, but apparently this weekend we were pretty clueless parents.

Friday afternoon I met my dad at the doctor's office because Braden had been running a fever the night before. Come to find out he has strep throat. I took him to Kroger to drop off his prescription and then I swung by Dairy Cream to get us both a slushy. One for his throat and one for me just because I knew that I would want to drink his and I did not want to catch strep throat. So...this may be too much information for some of you, but for those of you who know me very well you this is not news to you: I hate public restrooms, so I pee in the morning when I wake up and I don't pee again until I get home from matter what time it is. Well, since I had not peed since earlier that morning when we got home I REALLY had to pee! I am blaming it on the slushy! So I go to the bathroom and not even 10 seconds later in comes Braden with a handful of Kali's cat food saying "Avey, Avey". In my head I am thinking "where the heck did he get the cat food? the pantry door should be closed". But to him I say, "Avery isn't here. Remember Mommy had to leave her at Grandmother and Palpaw's because I couldn't leave her in the hot car at the doctor's office?" So he walks out and comes back with another handful so I tell him that we can take them outside and feed Kali. So we head to the foyer to go outside to feed Kali, but as soon as I round the corner to the foyer I see the WHOLE bag of cat food in the middle of the floor! I gasped! AHHHH! And Braden looked up at me, grinned and in his sweet voice said, "Mommy." Why does he have to be so darn cute? I started laughing and I got a measuring cup to scoop all of the food up and being the little helper that he is he started picking it up also, but there was so much food on the tile floor that he was slipping aand sliding as he was putting it tinto the bag. It was very funny! He even tried to help sweep the rest of the food up!

Well, on Saturday I headed to the grocery store before the Georgia game at 3:30. I try to go grocery shopping after Braden takes his nap, but lately his nap schedule has been all carzy and he wouldn't take a nap. So ther I am in the grocery store and I get a phone call from Brad and this is what our conversation was like:
Brad: Bring home a new jar of vaseline
Me: Why?
Brad: Braden played in the vaseline jar and it is all over him and the carpet.
Me: What?
Brad: It's really bad. It's a good thing that we are getting new florring in 2 weeks.
Me: How did he get in the vaseline?
Brad: I don't know. I was watching football and he got real quiet. Just bring home some more vaseline, I 'm about to give him a bath. let me tell you how big our vaseline jar is. It is not a small jar it is the HUGE economy size jar of Baby Vaseline that we bought when Braden was an infant anf we still have only used about 1/8th of the jar. When I got home I found out more about the story. Brad said that Braden had been fussy the whole time that I was gone. He tried playing with him in his playroom, but he kept on fussing. So Brad was going back and forth to watch football and he said that Braden got really quiet. Well...that is usually our first sign that he is into something. But you know how you don't even realize that they're quiet for a couple of minutes and then you're like "oh crap...what is he doing?". Brad said that he saw Braden's head pop out from around the couch and he was holding the jar of vaseline and Brad said, "Braden put that down...Oh no!" It was covering his clothes, in huge gobs all over his arms and legs and even smeared all over his hair. He was literally covered from head to toe! When Brad looked behind th couch it was in a huge pile on the carpet. Brad called me and gave Braden a bath, but his hair had so much vaseline in it that even after washing and rinsing several times it was still standing straight up. When Brad walked into Braden's room he found another surprise, an even bigger pile of vaseline in front of Braden's dresser. We are still trying to get the vaseline up off of the carpet in Braden's room. I even pulled out our steam vaccum this morning. Anyone have any ideas? We're not as cocnerned about the living room carpet because we are getting it removed in a few weeks anyways.

And guess what? I think that they are both my fault. I forgot to put Kali's food up Friday morning after I fed her and I left the jar of vaseline on Bradens' floor Saturday morning after I put it on his nose where we had been wiping it so much. So...this taught me a good lesson to be extra careful and extra cautious about what I am leaving out.

This is his hair after washing it several times!


Zach said...

So I was really worried when I first saw your post bc I was afraid something horrible had happened to a toddler somewhere and you were warning us all. So glad it was just cat food and vaseline! I googled how to remove vaseline from carpet which you've probably already done too but here's the link I got.

Happy Cleaning!

sarah said...

so that was sarah not zach...not sure why he was logged in...sorry!

~Michelle~ said...

This is sooooo funny. All too soon my time shall come LOL

Hodges Five said...

It sure can be scary when they "get quiet" huh?!