Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoons

I wanted to post these Sunday evening, but I guess I was being LAZY! Anyway I love Sunday afternoons because after church Braden is always so tired so while he is napping I try to nap also. It doesn't usually happen......however, this Sunday I did get an hour and half nap. Ahh......Sigh.......I love lazy Sunday afternoons. After our nap Braden and I went outside to play! His favorite thing in the world. We took his beloved pop-pop (he absolutely refuses to go outside without him) and we took out his new truck and of course sidewalk chalk. While we were out I got soem really cute pictures of him that I thought I would share.

Don't you just love the big misquito bite on his head?!
He's just the cutest little thing I 've ever seen!


~Michelle~ said...

i love all the pics. he is soooooo sweet.

Hodges Five said...

He's getting so big! Man, do I miss lazy afternoons. lol