Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yes, You're Really Five!

This morning after reading his birthday story

I never want to forget this morning with my new FIVE year old first born love!

It started when I heard my name being called just after 5 am. I thought it was Parker, so I just ignored....(not because I ignore Parker, but because he won't go back to sleep if we go into his room). Finally just after 6 , Brad got up and found that it was Braden. I had promised him that I would come see him before I left for work since it is his birthday. When I went into his room our conversation went like this:
Me: Happy Birthday buddy!

B: Am I five already?

Me: Yes you are. You are going to have a great birthday today.

B: I know. Will you read me a book since it's my birthday morning.

Me: (agreeing to read him a book, even though I need to get ready for work so I'm not late) I read Five Little Monkeys and tucked him back in and headed out the door.

B: (in a dreamy, happy voice) Mommy, am I REALLY five today? (as if he can't believe this day is actually here)

Me: Yes, you REALLY are. (as I hold back tears because I can't believe my first little 7lb 3 oz, brown hair, beautiful newborn boy is actually five)

I love you Braden Wright Hoffman!

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