Thursday, January 26, 2012

FireTruck Party!

This year we celebrated the boys' birthday party together. Poor Parker's birthday is 2 days before Christmas and since the last two Saturdays in December were Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, I decided that it would be easier to just combine their parties and celebrate the first Saturday in January. They each got to celebrate on their actual birthday (Parker went to Build a Bear and Braden went to Game Time), but it was so much easier to do a combined party. I've been wanting to do a fire truck theme for a while now and the boys were both really excited! Parker did great...until he saw the real fire truck and then he wanted nothing to do with it! Eventually he did warm up to the fire fighter, but never got too close to the fire truck! Braden however was thrilled! He kept telling the firemen that he and his brother were the birthday boys! They got to tour the truck, play with the water hose, and listen to the siren! Then we had fire truck cupcakes and opened presents! It was a great party!

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