Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Were We Thinking???

I can't stop....I have this issue with always having to be doing something or having some project big or small. It is a little bit of an issue, especially at 39 weeks when I have edema in both ankles, yet never get off my feet until usually close to 10:00 each night. Yet, here we are 4 days away from checking into the hospital and today we had new counter tops put in, which is great except that it created about 10 more projects for me!

But tonight when I look into our kitchen and it looks like home, it feels totally worth it! It feels like me, like the Hoffman house instead of us living in my grandparent's house and that makes me happy. So I have to say a HUGE thank you to my husband for putting up with nutty projects and being the muscle behind my madness and my parents for ALWAYS helping with our projects! The only thing we have left to do at this point is put the stove back on and add the back splash. The stove will be on tomorrow afternoon, but the back splash won't be on until after Emersyn arrives and I want to wait to show the final pictures when the kitchen is COMPLETELY finished!

Here is a look a the work we've been doing!

How I loathe the purple flower wallpaper!

It took a million steps and several days to paint over the wallpaper, but it was so much easier than trying to remove the wallpaper like we did in the boy's bathroom!

The old countertops and the old gold hardware at the very top. Brad already put the new hardware on the bottom cabinets.


Anonymous said...

Even though field tiles can be mere cents a piece, the specialty tiles can be several dollars a piece. Keep in mind also that some people may not like the idea of kitchen countertops because any glass that may happen to fall on them will most assuredly break.

Ginger said...

I know just how you were thinking!! You are such a big planner and you want it all done -RIGHT NOW!!
I am so excited that you've got this far with your renovation AND you have that precious baby girl on the way!