Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trash Talking...WHAT???

Braden is on his first soccer team and he is loving every minute of it! We have had a great time watching him and he has gotten better with every game. He is not super aggressive on the field, so he hangs back and just follows the crowd back and forth down the field, but so do half of the other kids! At his first game we caught him trash talking on the field. He was so loud adn he called the other team cheaters becasue they took the ball from him before he could kick it into the goal! A few minutes later the other team cornered him a the goal and called him a cheater and then later Braden called them stinky chicken turkey legs and they called him poo poo face! There has been NO trash talking since then! He has gotten MUCH quieter on the field since Brad had a chat with him about sportsmanship!

Parker wants to play too!
Braden's first practice with his new teammates!
Parker watching from the sidelines!

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Leslie said...

That is hilarious!!! Love it.