Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pink in a Sea of Blue

Tonight I was working on laundry and it hit me that this was the first time I had washed Emersyn's clothes with the boys'. It seemed so strange seeing all of the pink mixed in with dump truck pajamas and Thomas the Train t shirts. Not strange in a bad way, just strange in a way that our life is REALLY about to change. And not just in a "gonna have a new baby" type of way, but in a "gonna have a girl" type of way. And this really shouldn't scare me...I mean I'm a girl...I know first hand all about girls, but it kind of does. We are adding pink and purple, ribbon and bows, butterflies and flowers, babies and Barbies, to a world full of blue and camo, trucks and trains, frogs and earthworms, soccer and football. As strange and scary as it feels, it is also exciting. I think about how lucky she is to have two big brothers to take care of her and love her. I think about how she might make my rough and tumble boys a little softer and they might help her to be a little more well rounded and hopefully not such a drama queen!
So, pink in a sea of blue laundry doesn't seem quite so weird anyway. Now I just worry about how different it will be to change a girl's diaper!

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Megan P said...

Girls can wear camo too! :) I cannot wait!!!