Thursday, August 4, 2011

Harmonica Night

Tonight after the boys had their bath, Braden rediscovered his old harmonica that he got from Micah's birthday party a few years ago. He loves playing the harmonica and Brad was showing him some new tunes. Parker couldn't wait to get in on the action, but I could see a fight beginning to brew over the fun little musical instrument when I remembered that my parents bought Braden a new harmonica a few months ago. So I pulled out Braden's shiny new red harmonica and he was kind enough to give his old harmonica to Parker in return. This lead to good times and lots of laughs between the brothers while the played their harmonicas together. These are the times that I love the most- watching my boys create memories and fun times with each other and it makes me excited about all of the fun they will have as they get older!

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