Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Emersyn Rose

This evening Brad and I headed to Stork Vision to see our little girl. We did 3d ultrasounds fro both boys and we didn't want to leave Emersyn out! I also wanted to double check and make sure she really had little girl parts and we didn't get a BIG surprise on delivery day! She definitely is a girl and she is incredibly beautiful! She looks like she has Parker's chubby cheeks, Braden's little chin and nose and Brad's long toes! The sonographer also pointed out that it looks like she has hair! When we got home we watched the DVD that we got with the boys and Braden was so excited. He kept pointing things that he saw, her lips, her fingers, her nose and then he came over and started talking to her in my belly telling her that he was her big brother and she also had another big brother named Parker and that she should come out now! It was incredibly sweet and special and we are so looking forward to meeting our little girl!

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