Saturday, September 4, 2010

Game Day

Since Brad and I pull for two different college teams we decided when Braden was little that we would pull for both teams (unless they play each other) and encourage our kids to do the same until they are old enough to pick sides...I mean teams! So we started the day all decked out in our Dawgs gear (don't they look good in red and black?)...

...and ended the day in Tiger gear!

To make matters even more complicated, my brother recently moved to Oxford, MS to attend Ole Miss- so of course they now have Ole Miss gear as well!

As long as they don't become Gators or Gamecocks we'll be fine!

1 comment:

Bailey said...

They look SO much better in red and black!!! I will always be a fan of the red and black! No orange, maroon, or anything else!