Friday, August 27, 2010

Parker 8 Months

Whoa Nelly! Parker is on the move....and it scares me! He is already pulling up with or without furniture and trying to take steps! Where did my baby go?

  • Parker has two bottom teeth and we are anticipating his top teeth coming in soon

  • He is so over baby food and wants to eat "big people food"- he has already eaten more meat than Braden!

  • He adores Braden and his favorite thing to do is follow Braden from room to room. Occasionally Braden enjoys the attention and agrees to let Park tag along!

  • He was saying "mama" and has now stopped and constantly says "dada". Brad is eating it up!

  • He gets very excited when he sees me and when I pick him up he buries his head in my shoulder and squeezes really hard like he is giving a big hug. I love it!

  • The BEST news of all...... He is hardly spitting up anymore!!! We are so thankful for this!

  • Parker is such an easy going happy baby and we just adore him, even if he doesn't always sleeping through the night! :)

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