Sunday, November 15, 2009

Making a List...Checking it Twice

On top of an already hectic holiday season, we're having a baby due 2 days after Christmas! While we are super excited about Parker's arrival, I also feel extremely overwhelmed by my VERY LARGE to do list! My wonderful husband has been helping me a lot with the everyday chores that need to get done around the house and I truly appreciate it. He also went ahead and put up our Christmas tree. Yes, I know it is REALLY early and our usual tradition is to put it up Thanksgiving night, but the thought of putting it up after a huge meal and in anticipation of shopping the next day made me exhausted. So this was our only free weekend and as good a time as any to get it done. However, it WILL BE DOWN THE MORNING OF THE 26th!

I am posting my to do list in hopes that it will keep me motivated to get everything I have really bad pregnancy brain this time around and checklists have become my friend!

  • have the carpets in all the bedrooms cleaned- COMPLETE
  • buy, paint, and put up Parker's initials in his room- COMPLETE
  • order my breast pump accessories- COMPLETE
  • finish washing and putting away Parker's clothes, blankets, etc.- COMPLETE
  • get Parker's bedding ready- COMPLETE
  • set up the co sleeper in our bedroom- COMPLETE
  • get the bouncy seat and other various baby items down from the attic- COMPLETE
  • finish my thank you cards from my school shower- COMPLETE
  • take pictures and order our Christmas cards- COMPLETE
  • take Braden to Chattanooga to ride the Polar Express next weekend- COMPLETE
  • take Parker's blanket to get embroidered- COMPLETE
  • get my winter coat dry cleaned-COMPLETE
  • finish putting away shower gifts- COMPLETE
  • Christmas shop- COMPLETE
  • wrap Christmas gifts- COMPLETE
  • take down our scarecrow outside and put out pine straw- COMPLETE
  • take down glass doors in the bedroom and put up our new doors- COMPLETE
  • paint Braden's train table and frames
  • finish my parent/teacher conferences- IN PROCESS- 1 left!!!
  • write my long term sub plans- COMPLETE
  • prepare for our field trip on Tuesday- COMPLETE
  • order Braden's birthday invitations- COMPLETE
  • get everything prepared for Braden while I'm at the hospital- COMPLETE
  • take Braden to see Santa- COMPLETE
  • bake Happy Birthday Jesus cupcakes
  • pack my suitcase for the hospital- COMPLETE

I'm sure that I am leaving several things, if not a couple out. I am just praying for peace that I don't go into a panic mode. It's hard being a control freak and then having no control and feeling overwhelmed. However, I have an awesome family who loves me and that I can count on to help. So thank you in advance to Brad and my parents for enduring the break down that is sure to happen in the next few weeks and picking up the pieces! I love you guys!

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