Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Favorite Age


Two has been my very favorite age...thus far! Braden is so funny and has so much to say! Here are a few of the things that keep me giggling....

  • Whenever he answers yes to a question he says- Yes Siree, but it sounds like Wes Surwee. It is so cute.

  • Yesterday he ran into the office at my parents house, close the door behind him and said said "Shhwee. I just got away". My mom asked him from what and he said "Uncle Chad almost got me." Braden and Chad had been playing a game.

  • When you ask him if he wants a brother or sister he says, "No...No...JUST BRADEN!" Yeah, we're going to have to work on this.

  • "I do it all myself." These words are heard around our house almost constantly these days. Braden doesn't want help to do anything!

  • When Braden can't do something he says "Oh dragn'nt!" Apparently he has picked this up from my dad who says "Oh darn't".

  • Braden went through a phase where he wanted to open food at the grocery store and I had to constantly have the conversation with him that we can't open the food until we pay for it first. Well, a few weeks ago we were in the grocery and an older gentleman picked up a bag of chips on the chip aisle and opened it. He then started eating the chips. Before I knew what was going to happen Braden looked at the man and blurted out, "You gotta pay for it first!" OH MY! I was so embarrassed!

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