Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Polar Express

The Polar Express has been my favorite book since the 3rd grade when Ms. Hutcherson read the story to our class. A few years later my brother gave me the book for Christmas. When I heard that they have a Polar Express train ride in the Smoky Mountains, I booked our trip and we set out to board the Polar Express.

Braden has only seen about 5 minutes of the movie and it was the Hot Cocoa scene (I HATE the movie by the way). He was really excited when we boarded the train for the 1 hour 15 min round trip the North Pole. We were treated to hot cocoa that was just the right temp for a little mouth and marshmallow covered Santas (Braden's first taste of marshmallows- YUM), Christmas carols, the Polar Express reading, a visit from the conductor to punch our tickets, a visit from Santa to deliver his first gift of Christmas (bells from his sleigh) and a 2nd visit from Santa for a picture and to sign your copy of the book. It was a great trip and we will be returning next year. however, next year we will reserve our tickets in enough time to do the night train ride.

It was an exciting trip. We stayed in Cherokee, NC Saturdday night whick is only 15 minutes from Bryson City, NC where the train departed. It was interesting sleeping in the same hotel room with Braden. Brad tried to get a suite, but their weren't any so let's just say it was an interesting night.....

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~Michelle~ said...

awe! SO SWEET!!!! I love his Pj's and the look he is giving Santa , priceless!