Friday, December 5, 2008

Ahhhh....The Dreaded Christmas Picture

Well I thought that last year was tough getting a Christmas picture taken with an almost 1 year old. Well I was wrong because last year was a breeze! Getting a picture taken with an almost 2 year old was worse! Braden is cutting his 2 year molars so he is drooling and his fingers NEVER want to leave his mouth. Also he doesn't respond to jingling a bell or any other cutesy song that used to get his attention. This year I finally got 2 cute shots of him and I had to make throw up/vomiting/gagging noises to get him to look up and laugh! (I thought this might work since he cracks up laughing if I gag while I am changing his diaper) Ahhh! What a boy! This was my last attempt and I am glad that it worked! Here are a couple of our pictures......

Hands in the mouth

It looks like I am wrestling with him.....which I was!

Hey....Braden.....Can you look at Mommy and smile?

UHHH! GAG! BWWWHH! Hey there is that handsome smile!

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~Michelle~ said...

I love them! Even if you had to make gagging noises. It worked and he is too darn cute. Can't wait till next year. You might have to come over and help me LOL