Friday, April 25, 2008

Playing in the Pool

Last Friday I decided to take Braden to the library for the Baby Talk. When Braden and I arrived, we found out that the Baby Talk is on a break until the end of May. Now to truly understand my frustration you need to have some background on the situtation.....Braden and I have been trying to make it to the Baby Talk every week for the past few months. Every week either he has been sick, I've been sick or he has needed to go down for a nap right before it was time to leave. So Friday I had it all planned out. I got him up earlier than usual and we played for a little while and then I got him all dressed to go and then laid him down for a nap. I woke him up from his nap (and he was in the BEST mood) and he was already dressed so we headed to the Baby Talk and then we found out that it was no longer running! It is on a break until the end of May.

So....we went to Wal-Mart and then headed home for a dip in the kiddy pool! Braden loved the pool so much! He splashed and threw all of the balls out and then climbed out to throw all of the balls back in! It ended up being a fabulous day after all!


Anonymous said...

Do you really need anoter venue just to vent your frustrations? All one of us who read this feel sorry that your son did not get to experience the joy that is Baby Talk!!!

Chassidy said...

Thanks Chad....If you and Brad would listen I wouldn't have to vent to the internet! Lori-tame the beast!!