Monday, March 11, 2013

Braden's 6th Birthday

Six is hard.  It seems much bigger than five.  Five still seems primary.  Preschool.  Even Babies R' Us sells items up to 5t.  But Six.  That is the big boy section at Children's Place.  That is almost first grade.  That is big boy.  Independent boy.  That is the age that makes me realize my precious first born bundle of boy is not a baby anymore.  Tear.  Sigh.

Just don't tell him that.  He swears that he will never leave.  That he will live with us forever.  That firefighters don't get married.  They live at home with their parents.  He swears he will never go to college.  Never get married.  Never have children.  And the selfish, want to keep my boy my baby forever side of me is kind of ok with this idea.  But the logical side of me knows this is not the best for my boy.  And I always want the best for my boy.

So we celebrate another year of growing, another year taller, another year smarter, another year wiser.  Another year to be delighted that I get to be his mommy.  That he made me a mommy. 

I love you Braden Wright.  Happy SIX years!

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