Monday, February 11, 2013

Christmas 2012 Part 1

Yes, I know it is almost Valentine's Day.  Yes I know it is sad that I just now posting about Christmas.  Sigh.  Christmas was busy this year.  Busy. Busy. Busy.  And I wish I could say that when it was over I wasn't exhausted.  But I was.  I wish I could say that I wasn't thinking we have to simplify Christmas.  But I was.  I wish I wasn't saying things have to change.  But I was.  So we have 10 months left for me to figure out just how to simplify Christmas so that when I wake up on December 26 I feel less overwhelmed and less exhausted. 
Anywho, I did enjoy Christmas.  I enjoyed seeing my kids get so excited.  I enjoyed the time that I got to spend with our family.  I enjoyed celebrating the birth of our Savior.  But that is what I want for next year...More time with what matters most- focusing on why we celebrate and enjoying time.  Time with my husband.  Time with my children.  Time with my family.  Not rushed from one event to the next.  Ok, I am off track again.  Here is what our Christmas looked like.  Unedited.
Brad's grandmother and her husband came to visit the week before Christmas

We made homemade cinnamon ornaments for our tree

We wrote letters to Santa

We danced wearing Santa hats

Cookies with Grandma

Put out our Nativity scene

Our tiny elf!

we made fuit loop garland

Our three trees

Brad got Parker a spiderman sweat shirt.  Can you tell he is happy?

B got Angry Birds

It is Bumblebee!

Parker loves Spiderman!

Emersyn seems pretty interested too!

My sweet mama

Braden is ready to hunt with Palpaw and Daddy!

My parents had a set of my grandmother's pearls restrung for me for Christmas.

Brad got a Keurig!  He was super surprised!

My sweet dad!

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