Friday, January 18, 2013

Parker is THREE!!!

This post is a little late.... And I hope to be more on top of things next year.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure I said the same thing last year and knowing me I will say the same thing next year.  But I did not want to not post about Parker turning three (yes, I am aware that I used a double negative!). 
Parker is our December 23 baby...2 days before Chrsitmas.  He was our best Christmas gift!  This year his birthday was on a Sunday and on the way to church we stopped so he could get a McDonald's biscuit which totally made him happy!  After church we went me Grr and Palpaw at the park to play and have a picnic.  We had cupcakes and he got to open gifts and then it was home for a nap...because even big three year olds have to nap, so old an old mommy like m
e can get a little rest too! 

Parker has come so far this year!  His language totally exploded in May and he is a talking machine.  He started Speech therapy once a week at the end of April and just finished at the end of November.  There are still times when we have a hard time understanding him, but most of the time we can use context clues to help us figure it out.  He substitutes the /p/ for /f/ and /t/ for /s/, so he calls an elephant (his favorite animal) an elpant.  I love that he and Braden can have conversations now and he is happy to introduce himself to new kids at the park, "I Parker."  It makes me happy to see my little guy use language to explore this big world.

This is the first year that I have been able to "interview" Parker and he was so cute answering the questions.

color: green
friend: Jack (Hope, from school)
food: cereal
drink:  milk
animal:  Lion King
TV show: Curious George
movie:  Spider man (cartoon)
toy:  play do

Happy birthday to our silly, grumpy, sports fanatic, lover of spider man, bumblebee, and curious george, eater of all things sweet (especially candy from Palpaw's drawer), best LITTLE brother and best BIG brother, wearer of cowboy boots, soccer cleats, and house shoes, best snuggler and cuddler around precious baby boy!  We love you so very much Parker Reed!

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