Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Unvited Guest on Vacation

Since Brad wasn't able to take time off from his new job yet, we went with my parents to the beach.  Upon arrival we ran into a few showers, but it was nothing compared to what unfolded over the next 24 hours- 15 inches of rain and 60 mph winds thanks to Tropical Storm Debby, who decided she would just stick around for awhile and only move 3 mph.  Yeah, thanks Debby, we appreciated being trapped in the condo with 3 kiddos, especially 2 boys who desperately wanted to be in the swimming pool or on the beach!  And the condo's elevator broke down and was out until Tuesday night, which wouldn't be so bad except that we were on the 5th floor and had to carry kids and all their gear up the stairs every time we left the building.  Boo Debby!

On Sunday, we stuck around the condo except for one quick trip to Target to buy a few new DVDs to keep the kids entertained.  That night as I was getting the kids ready for bed there was a downspout (tornado in the water) spotted in our area, so we grabbed the kids an evacuated to the ground floor of the condo.  SCARY!  When we finally got to bed and woke up Monday morning, Debby left a mess...flooded roads and houses and tornadoes that killed 2 people. 

On Monday, winds were still blowing at 55-60 mph, but there wasn't any rain...and the beach was missing!  It was beyond high tide even during low tide times.  Braden was up early, so we headed out to the "beach" and fought the winds.  He was so excited to actually touch the ocean and we spent an hour or so searching for seashells and discovering "treasures" that Debby brought with her (huge clam shells, seaweed, pieces of wood that looked like they had broken off boats, and even a coconut!).  When Parker woke up my dad brought him down and he got to look for the goods too.  A little before lunch time we headed out to the pool and spent the afternoon trying not to get wind burn and watching the kids play in the "wave pool".

Tuesday morning I woke up and realized that I got a little burned the day before-windburn and sunburn. It was supposed to be our last day at the beach, except that we couldn't go home because the way home was over the Skyway bridge to Tampa which was closed due to the extreme winds.  That afternoon I took the boys to the pool for a little while and while we were their one of Debby's cells hit and the wind started whipping again and the rain started pouring.  Braden said it felt like coconuts hitting his head!  That night my Granny and Grandpa Bill came to stay with us.  They had been in Tampa visiting Bill's daughter and it was so nice to have them with us.

Wednesday, we woke up and the sun was shining, the wind was gone and the beach was back!  We spent most of the day relaxing at the beach and the boys had a blast! I knew that my little water bug Braden loved the ocean, but I was surprised at how quickly Parker got used to the waves.  He was getting knocked down and jumped right back up to take them on again!  We kept Emersyn out of the water because I was still a little nervous about keeping her ears dry after getting her tubes.  She did ok being out a the beach as long as she wasn't touching the sand!  On Wednesday, Emersyn turned 9 months old so we were able to get her 9 month pictures on the beach!

 Thursday, the kids and I left for the LONG (8.5 hours) trip home.  We were sad to leave my parents, but oh so ready to get home and see Brad.  The kids did really great traveling!  We only had to stop a few times- once less than 15 minutes after we left, so Braden could go to the restroom and then at the Georgia welcome center so we could all use the restroom and I could feed Emy.  Our last stop was to fuel up and get Chick Fil A in Valdosta.  The kids napped a little and watched a few movies and we were even able to beat Brad home!

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