Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pool Time

We are so fortunate that my aunt and uncle have a pool and that we have two little water bugs! Braden has been crazy about the water since he was born, but I was really worried about if Parker was going to like the water, especially after we went to Disney and he freaked out when we put him in the pool. But on Memorial Day he took off and headed straight for the pool...No fear!

At the end of last summer, we let Braden take his water wings off a few times and he practiced swimmimg to Brad. This year he is only waering them when we are not in the pool with him. He is doing so awesome! He is holding his breath under water for over 5 seconds, sitting on the bottom of the shallow end, swimming halfway across the width of the pool under water, going under to pick up diving sticks and even jumping off the diving board with out his wings! If he paddles he struggles more, but when he swims under water he does great!

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