Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Wedding

The wedding was beautiful and the day was perfect...other than a few minor issues- trying to find a last minute babysitter for Parker and opening the garment bag that Erica's dress was in to discover that it wasn't steamed or ironed. But when 7:00 that evening rolled around, none of that mattered. The ceremony was beautiful and short which I am a big fan of...especially in heels at 5 months pregnant! Erica was absolutely gorgeous and my handsome baby brother was in a awe! Braden did an awesome job- he was so cute walking down the aisle stopping to smile at people and then he walked up on the stage, but was quickly redirected to his seat by Brad and he sat quietly the rest of the ceremony!
The reception was so much fun! The food was great, the bride's cake was gorgeous and the groom's cake was perfect- Buck and Libby and ducks, it couldn't describe Chad and Erica any better! It was a wonderful beginning to what I pray will be a loving, fruitful, supportive and encouraging marriage! Congratulations Chad and Erica!

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